Scammers use videos to prey on gamers’ desires to play Fortnite on their phones

Fraudsters are hoping that a lack of patience will help tempt some gamers into falling for their scams.

The Sun has discovered a host of different Fortnite scams across social media – all related to Fortnite on Android downloads.

Rogue download sites ask for “verification”, which is almost always a scam

One YouTube scam involves creating a video showing you how to get Fortnite on Android.

The video clip shows a person demonstrating the process on their phone, but the method is completely phoney.

You download a rogue app, which prompts you to pay a sign-up fee.

Once you’ve paid up, you’ll be linked through to the actual Fortnite download link – and the fraudster makes off with your cash.

One phoney Fortnite Android video links through to a “free V-Bucks” website, which claims to offer virtual currency at no cost
To secure the “free V-Bucks”, you need to perform verification tasks – which do nothing but line a scammer’s pockets

It’s exploiting the fact that the genuine Fortnite download isn’t available through the official Google Play app store.

Epic Games’ cash-hungry billionaire boss Tim Sweeney decided against using the official app store, blaming the 30% cut of sales Google takes.

Instead, you have to download the game from Fortnite’s website, paving the way for twisted scams like this.

Another scam seen by The Sun lures gamers into a YouTube video for the fortnite v bucks generator Android download.

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